With the ever-expanding aerial demands of high profile stunts in cinema today, it is important for aspiring stunt performers as well as professional stunt men and women presently working in the business to become more familiar with all aspects of the aerial arena. We want to offer additional training in these highly recognized skills to stunt performers who want to specialize in aerial work as a means of expanding their knowledge base and marketability in the industry. The Aerial Intensive offers 50 hours of advanced training in several different aerial skills: Wire Work, High Falls, Air Ram, Ratchet, and Rappelling.

The aerial techniques of every student will be refined and strengthened in each discipline, and training on trampolines and foam pits, led by a trained gymnast, will allow for greater skill and confidence while performing high falls, launching off the air ram, or being tossed about in a film fight. Similarly, we will explore several types of harness pulls on a pneumatic ratchet for different effect, while rappelling with teach a variety of zone entry techniques including “Aussie” rappels and “fast rope” used by military and SWAT teams. A special unit of instruction is also dedicated to performance on aerial silks, which has become a student favorite.

The bulk of the training will focus on wire work, a discipline that has become ubiquitous in the film industry since “The Matrix”. Students will explore both the physical performance skills and technical application of wire rigs as they pertain to the motion picture industry. New and varied rigs are assembled each day and participants are taught the theories, terminology, rigging, safety considerations, and aerial skills that allow a pull team and talent to create the look of effortless and dynamic acrobatic movement on screen. There will be daily hands-on experience with harnesses, spreader bars, pull lines, tag lines, mechanical advantage and disadvantage, knots, splicing, and all the various hardware and synthetic lines associated with wire effects.

All of the students in the class will be actively involved in the process. Students will be given the opportunity to work directly with the instructors when setting up and operating the individual rigs, while gaining invaluable insight from years of practical rigging experience into the building of anchor points, load characteristics, rig design, rigging practices, and lift operation. When you are not flying, rappelling or being thrown, you will be controlling the equipment (and your colleagues) under the guidance of the school instructors. You will be acting as safeties! You will be there to support one another completely, building a relationship of trust that is essential to all stunt teams.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this course, class size is limited to 24 participants and all applicants must have taken our Stunt Performer Course before attending this class. Please keep in mind that the session may fill quickly and you would be advised to submit your application in a timely manner to guarantee your spot on the roster.